Author - N. Paul Williams
 "Sometimes calling people out of the darkness
 means going in after them."
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N. Paul Williams is a horror writer who specializes in thinking outside the box. The denizens of his mind include a vampire puppet that manipulates its masters, a lycanthropic priest, a film director out to ruin his own career, a bogeyman academy, a psycho clown who stands sentinel in the portal between this world and the gates of hell, and a carnival of lost souls found. His other creative exploits include puppetry, songwriting, scripts, haunted houses, short stories, and the general insanity of seeing the world from a completely different point of view.


As an author, N. Paul Williams seeks to utilize his sense of humor, intimate understanding of the macabre, and skills as a storyteller to share his unique perspective with others. After all, sometimes a fresh viewpoint alone can shed a little light on the shadows of the soul. This is the ministry of the horror writer, equipping people to deal with our own private bogeymen before our bogeymen deal with us. N. Paul Williams is no stranger to those shadows, and as such he understands that sometimes calling people out of the darkness means going in after them.








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N. Paul Williams

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